Fire Training

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Welcome to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning online learning website, managed by the Aviation Services Unit

  • The Aviation Services Unit (ASU) manages fire and emergency aviation for Victoria, providing specialist aviation resources for fire, land and emergency management. The ASU conducts aviation training, procures and manages the State Fleet of fire fighting aircraft and maintains aviation policy and procedures on behalf of the fire and emergency agencies. It also prepares and operates specialist equipment and supports Emergency Management Victoria’s 24 hour a day “State Airdesk” services in the State Control Centre.

    Although the primary focus of the ASU is on supporting fire suppression and land management operations, the broader emergency management requirements of partner Agencies, particularly those concerned with community safety, are also serviced. The ASU utilises its expertise and resources to support land management and other operational activities of partner Agencies.

    We strive to conduct our learning and assessment programs using various techniques enabling participants to develop the required knowledge and skills.

Available Courses

  • PLEASE NOTE: As of 02/11/2015 - This course is now open for enrolments of aviation contractors only. Successful completion of this course meets the agency requirements for fireline minimum skills for flight crews and other personnel of Aviation Panel of Provider Companies required to complete Basic Wildfire Awareness (BWA). Upon successful completion of this course, participants MUST click the link "Email confirmation of completion to the ASU" which provides the ASU with your record of completion.

  • This awareness course is a brief introduction to the principles, structure and processes of the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS).
  • This course provides participants with an awareness of the use of the Tait portable and mobile radios within DELWP.
  • This course is intended for staff of DELWP and NEO partner agencies who have been nominated for the role of Task Based Administrator. It contains the essential theory required to safely and effectively administer TBAs as part of the Fit for Fire Program.